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Terms & Conditions

Service delivery time:

We deliver all feedback within 2 business days of receiving the customers required information. If the customer is apart of subscription plan and no additional information is required, the service is delivered within 2 business days of the order being placed. In the case of an error within our system meaning that the service can not be complete in time, all customers with open orders will be notified of the delays. If there are any reasons why we are not able to deliver the feedback on your ad, we will contact the customer with a resolution. In this scenario, we are not able to deliver the service until we hear back from the customer.

All customers receive confirmation of their order being complete.



The pricing of our service is due to change. If there is a price increase for new customers only, current customers will not be notified of this and they will not see a pricing change in their current subscription. If they choose to cancel that subscription, they will no longer be able to re-access there previous lower price.

If there is a mandatory price increase for all customers, customers with an active subscription will be informed of this and will be given the option to cancel their subscription. If they choose not to cancel their subscription, the price they are charged will change. 


Subscription Cancellation:

The customer is responsible for there subscription, therefore, if you wish the cancel your subscription you must do so yourself via your customer portal. Once a subscription order goes through, it is not refundable.


Results and Guarantees:

Our job is to deliver the requested amount of feedback ordered by the customer within the specific timeframe. We are not responsible for your customer feedback score. Results vary for everyone as it completely depends on how much feedback has already been left by your customers in the past and also how much negative feedback is coming in while we deliver our feedback. We save and provide screenshots for every piece of feedback given on your ads however we can not guarantee any kind of increase as it is out of our control.


Proof of Service:

We capture and save screenshots for feedback given on every order. Customers can request to see the screenshots from their order at anytime. 


Facebook Issues:

Our system is set up in a way to keep all customers safe from any kinds of bans or problems with Facebook and to this day, none of our clients have had any issues. That being said, if a situation did occur, you are purchase feedback from us at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems that may occur.


Refund Policy:

Once an order has been placed and the customer feedback has been delivered, your order is not refundable. Additionally, we can not offer refunds on reoccurring subscription purchases. We work hard to make sure all feedback is delivered within the predicted time. If feedback is not delivered to you within our current delivery time. Please reach out to our support team at We are not responsible for the customer feedback score and the results from the feedback.